WS909 Wooden Aroma Diffuser

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Product Overview

Soothe your senses with the rituals of Nature

The ZEN Aroma Diffuser is the perfect way to subtly stimulate your senses helping you to relax and unwind. Made from natural wood, it combines the aesthetics of nature with a soft glowing light to create a peaceful and tranquil environment. To accompany its soothing visual effects, ZEN Aroma Diffuser also offers an array of pleasant sounds and gentle aromas to truly help you discover a sense of peace and calm you would have otherwise thought unattainable. In addition to the soothing sounds embedded in its system, you can choose your favourite music to go with the stimulating aroma and light effects by plugging in your iPod or mp3.


  • Natural wood and glass housing
  • Advanced ultrasonic vapour diffusing technology
  • Multi-sensory relaxation by aroma, light-effects and soothing sounds/music
  • 6-colour light effect in swirl : pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue
  • 5-option natural sounds and music
  • Audio music line-in for other music players
  • Safety switch-off when water level drops
  • Sleep timer function
  • Low water level indicator
  • Infrared remote control
  • Powered by AC/DC adaptor


(No reviews yet) Write a Review